ECM Electronika Espresso Machine Roastery Special

$4,040.00 $3,850.00

Roastery espresso machine special includes complimentary coffee, drinking chocolate, chocolate espressobeans and barista training.


ECM Electronika espresso machine certainly is a fine machine with its solid chrome-plated E61 ECM brewing group that you can also individually program the dosing through the control panel – exactly to your taste.

Equally important, the automatic cleaning program can be done through the control panel. Comfortable quick steam and quick water lever valves. Lever action controls for steam and water, the ergonomic chrome group handle is proper commercial size and supreme quality with an extended drip tray.

Above all, it has efficient temperature stability through solid high-quality copper boiler. Temperature- stable heat exchanger as well as low-noise performance through sound-insulated body and the delightfully quiet rotary pump. Water tank with reed contact for automatic shut-off in case of water shortage. Can auto fill or hand fill water tank from the top.

You can also mains water connect or tank operation with commercial rotary pump.

ECM Electronika Espresso Machine – Technical Data

ECM brew group
Ring brew group
Water tank approx. 3 l
Boiler volume approx. 2.1 l
Copper boiler
Stainless steel boiler
Brass boiler
Boiler pressure gauge
Pump pressure gauge
PID control
Programmable dosing
Vibration pump
Rotary pump
Water tank/direct water supply switchover
Rotary valves technology
Lever valves technology
Removable cup warming tray
ECM portafilter(s)
angled grip
Number portafilter(s) 2
Weight 29 kg
Measurements (without portafilter)
w x d x h
325 x 475 x 400 mm

Complimentary 1 hour barista training on your new ECM Electronika Espresso Machine Roastery Special – perfect if you can visit us! 

Even more, you will also receive a starter pack to get you on your way:

500g Pacific Blend whole bean or ground to order – We have chosen pure washed process Australian estate coffee and added organic Indonesian Mandheling and small farm shareholder lots from the highlands of Papua New Guinea. As a result, it’s sweet, well balanced, clean and smooth with an increased hit of caffeine than our 100% Australian estate blends.

500g ZenCafe Blend whole bean or ground to order – Natural process beans, organically grown on our very own farm in the hills behind Byron Bay and blended with select organic Indonesian Mandheling and small shareholder lots from the hillsides of Papua New Guinea. Enjoy a touch of brightness with blueberry and citrus notes followed by warming spicy body and big mouthfeel. A full flavoured coffee superb with milk.

250g Superb Dark Drinking Chocolate – Rich smooth dark and velvety drinking chocolate. Gluten & Dairy Free. This drinking chocolate features premium cocoa, sourced from specialty African cocoa regions, and is derived from whole bean cocoa, including cocoa nibs and liquor. Carefully blended with a perfect balance of 100% Australian sugar, without artificial additives nor fillers.

75g Trio Chocolate Espressobeans – Sourced from a select Australian estate; 100% Australian grown peaberry beans are roasted to bring out their delicious chocolaty taste, and then coated in pure dark, pure milk and white couverture chocolate. A delicious treat to compliment great coffee that makes an ideal gift.

*Call our office (02) 6687 2045 should you have any questions or would like to place your order. Furthermore, we can then discuss your freight options.

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