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Bruer Cold Brew System


The Bruer Cold Brew System – crisp, clean and cool … the taste of summer!


Bruer Cold Brew System:

The Bruer Cold Brew System is an alternative device for extracting coffee which uses ice and iced water rather than hot water to extract the coffee. What using cold water does is produce a much less acidic and therefore less bitter brew. The coffee that is extracted is very ‘clean’ with a high flavour clarity.

This is perfect for those who need a pick me up on a scorching summers day. It is also excellent for tasting the broader flavour range of their favourite single origin bean or blend.

How the Bruer Cold Brew System works is that the iced water gradually seeps down into the ground coffee. Once the coffee is saturated the coffee then drips down into the coffee pot ready for drinking.

After extensive testing the staff at Zentvelds have discovered that the 30 Mile Blend and Ernesto Roast are producing the most amazing extractions which have been an absolute delight over the past hot summer days. Another treat for sunny summer days is to freeze the coffee into ice cubes, when frozen put a couple of cubes into a small glass, add some milk and enjoy the purest iced coffee available!

Comes with pack of 350 filter papers. Alternatively, we also sell the Able Disk stainless steel filter