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Bayside Blend


Deep & rich – Australian espresso blend of 3 roast profiles, featuring our naturals. 100% Australian grown coffee which you know now is rare!


Bayside Blend:

Bayside Blend is deep & rich – one of our stronger Australian blends featuring our Northern Rivers ‘naturals’. (Ours to be precise.)

Not a fan of the light roast? Seeking a coffee with flavour and body that punches through milk? Bayside Blend was developed from requests for a proper strong, full bodied cafe blend, of purely Australian estates.

If you know our Byron Blend – it is stronger with the added depth of dry or natural processed beans from our local, Northern Rivers estates.
If you’ve tried our Reserve 01 – this is the stronger version with more of the darker roast profile. Not bitter mind!
Only The Fix is stronger than Bayside in our Australian coffees – with one third being our darkest roast profile .. if that clears up your options!

Bayside is a mighty complex blend of 3 roast profiles, with both washed and dry processed beans. Be brave!

Finally, it is particularly suited for a larger cup size, milk based espresso coffees. So it’s your good morning wake up coffee! An intense espresso base will have depth, body and lasting flavour with less acidity than most blends – so superb for cappuccino, flat white or caffe latte.

500g and 1kg packets available in whole bean, plunger/drip ground or espresso ground – which can be customized to suit your style of espresso machine – please choose appropriate grind size from drop down menu above.

Roaster fresh : vacuum packed with a one way degassing valve, within 24 hours of roasting.