Aeropress Coffee Maker


The Aeropress is one of the most simple ways to brew coffee.

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Aeropress Coffee Maker:

Aeropress Coffee Maker … So simple, so good!

Coffee is steeped through the Aeropress and then forced through a filter using only the pressure applied by your arm strength, giving an extraction between a plunger and stovetop. Bec’s preferred black coffee method.

The quality of the coffee and ease of extraction have made this device an instant success and they even hold world championships to determine who makes the best Aeropress coffee.

Here are a few reasons why Zentveld’s love this device:

  • Hate coffee mess on your counter? No bench mess. You just knock out the used coffee grinds with ease into your compost bin.
  • Hate cleaning up after you’ve made coffee? You just pull apart the Aeropress and rinse. Unlike a plunger or espresso basket and group head, there’s nowhere for the used coffee grinds to get stuck.
  • Take it travelling. It’s light, you only need the bare minimum of the 2 plastic vacuum shafts, the basket & filter. ( We don’t bother with the funnel and stirrer.)
  • Its light weight, has no breaking parts, and is easy to use and clean up afterwards. All you need is access to boiling water and a cup or mug.

So take it on holidays and start the day how you like it. With your Zentveld’s coffee of choice, you can always have a great cup to start your day.

 Includes 350 paper filters. We sell the stainless steel filter too which can be purchased HERE
Click HERE to view the ‘inversion’ method of brewing with the Aeropress.