500gm taster pack

$94.00 $84.60

Select 4x 500gm packs of coffee to work out what you like best. Choose each grind or bean to suit any brew style.


Did we surprise you with all our bean options? There’s surely one you will love the most. So this special Taster Pack allows you to select 4x 500gm packs of coffee to taste test a few.

We will freshly grind to your order, or pack as whole bean – vacuum packed and gas flushed fo super lasting shell life. Air and moisture be gone! There will be no rush to open that 3rd or 4th pack.

Once again Рnote that you can choose a  particular grind for each style. Maybe sweet Ernesto for your plunger/frenchpress/ brew and a stronger bean blend for your aeropress/ stovetop or finer espresso ground for your proper espresso machine.