Zentveld’s Roastery offers training courses for every interest and level of experience. We teach barista and coffee making skills for use at home or office,  so you can confidently understand the steps to making your coffee delicious. We love teaching would-be baristas all they need to know to become valued coffee makers (with time and practice.) Dedicated working baristas can improve their skills and technical knowledge in the Advanced Barista course.  Small groups and corporates are also catered for. We offer a unique coffee learning experience : we dub it the corporate ‘coffee quest.’  All courses are designed and adaptable to suit your skill level and with respect to what machines you use.

The Roastery and Plantation Tour : Our Barista training courses have the unique benefit of being held on our coffee plantation at our roastery. Built into each of our courses is a tour around the roastery and plantation processing area. This offers students a valuable insight into the world of coffee growing and roasting, encouraging well rounded and complete coffee knowledge. Not many others can offer this experience all in one!

The Coffee Space : With magnificent plantation and hinterland vistas, our dedicated coffee space is a sunny room with open doors leading onto the verandah and views beyond. Our coffee training space is equipped with three commercial grade espresso machines so every student has plenty of machine time. In some of our courses students are welcome to bring their home espresso machines and take up the opportunity of learning how to get the best out of their own machine.

Our Trainer : Our courses are run by Andi Davey who is a fully qualified group trainer. Andi has over 25 years of experience with coffee in all sorts of areas including owning her own successful cafe for six years, advanced Barista courses undertaken internationally and currently expertly roasting and blending Zentveld’s coffee. In 2011 Andi commenced a Diploma of Coffee with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) to further develop her skills in all aspects of coffee production.