Our Roastery on the Plantation

Open Monday to Friday  9am – 5pm

Visit Information:

You’re welcome to visit our roastery door for fresh coffee, chocolate espressobeans, drinking chocolate, brewing tools and equipment.

All our blends are on offer – we’d love to help you select the right one for you.

There might be cold brew on offer to sample as well as our renowned chocolate espressobeans.

Because our coffee trees are grown naturally without nasty sprays, please respect our bio-security by reporting to our roastery door upon arrival.

Group Tours & Specialty Coffee Visitors

Tour Information:

Whilst we are a working farm and roastery, we welcome group tours on occasion, by appointment.

Days and times are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday between 9am – 11.30am or 1pm – 4pm.

3/4- 1 hour is enough time for you to enjoy a tour. We offer tours for minimum of 10, maximum of one coach-50 persons.

You’ll gain an understanding of coffee growing, our sustainable practices and environmental care, as well as all the stages of processing, roasting and packing before enjoying a cup on our verandah.

We offer tours to suit both small and larger groups. We have a wide entrance and large carpark for visitors with turning space and safe movement for coaches.

Specialty tour groups are welcome, school and university students, retirees, charity & volunteer organisations.

Bookings are essential. Please contact us well ahead of your desired date, to determine if we can commit.

For our friends in the specialty coffee industry:

Zentveld’s are pleased to offer the exciting opportunity for groups to spend a couple of hours or more at our plantation based roastery and coffee space.

Truly immersive, real coffee farm experiences to inspire staff from city based coffee companies or groups of baristas, roasters and cafe owners.

We also welcome non-coffee industry businesses or representatives who want to treat their teams to an inspiring ‘crop to cup’ experience.

Sharing our coffee stories and creating memorable on-farm visits with some major coffee companies, both Australian and international is something we love!

We welcome your thoughts on planning a suitable experience for your team. Please email : coffee@zentvelds.com.au or give us a call (02) 6687 2045


We offer the story of coffee from crop to cup

We grow it, process it, roast it, pack it:

Zentveld’s taste, supply and serve local coffee.  We really do cover the complete life cycle of coffee from crop to cup.

Most noteworthy, this is a particularly unique coffee experience in one place – fully vertically integrated from farm to roastery sales and service.

Not many people get to see the coffee trees, taste the fruit, learn the on-farm and roastery processes,  and then taste the coffee!

John & June Zentveld established our plantation as the first commercially sized local coffee venture, back in 1987.

Furthermore, for over 30 years our family have been accepting visitors who want to learn about growing coffee and the value adding cycle from crop to cup.

We are proud to continue the management of the farm, welcoming guests as second and third generation Zentveld’s.

Wishing to remain at the forefront of our industry and willing to share our experience, we always find it interesting to welcome coffee industry, agriculture and environmental science educated guests.

We love to share ideas and listen to new perspectives on what we could do as coffee farmers and custodians of our land, wildlife and waterways.

Above all, we plan to live and grow our coffee farm and it’s biodiversity for years to come!


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