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Our Story:

Zentveld’s roastery is based on our family coffee plantation in the hills behind Byron Bay. The Byron Bay hinterland of the NSW Northern Rivers, is a truly special place … to live, work and grow coffee! The terroir and mild microclimate is well suited for producing fine arabica coffee. With rich volcanic soil across the rolling hills, usually plentiful rainfall and natural springs to assist with irrigation, our local growers are producing naturally spray free, practically organic arabica coffee.

To quote our local agronomist “what we lack in altitude, we make up for in latitude.

Australian Coffee:

We are growing very fine, flavourful coffee quite close to sea level, but at low latitude, well below the tropical zone. The notably cool-for-coffee subtropical climate, ensures a longer, slower ripening season and naturally less caffeine than the more usual tropical climes where most of the world’s coffee grows. Coffee trees produce more caffeine as a defence mechanism to resist disease. Our subtropical arabica coffee trees are growing happily – naturally free of pests and disease. Recent caffeine tests of 30 Australian estates and 30 foreign coffees of high standing found all the Australian estate coffees 25-28% lower in caffeine than the foreign beans. So you can enjoy that second cup, without the jitters.

We Need More Growers:

There are only a few pockets of good rich soil with plentiful water so suited for growing arabica coffee in Australia. We certainly encourage coffee growers and wish there were more landowners of such good soil and aspect willing to be growers – growing coffee if possible or at least another suitable food crop.

Australia needs more growers of food, but alas some of the finest, most viable land is is now being used to grow big houses rather than food.

We source our beans from Australian growers both near and far, across the Northern Rivers and beyond to the select subtropical growers of the Qld Tablelands and the newer plantations as yet to harvest. There is plenty of demand for Australian coffee – we just need more growers!

So if we can share this message – if you have fertile, frost free land and have access to water, then you too can quite likely grow superb arabica coffee. Contact us, join or seek coffee growing information from our industry organisation; The Australian Sub Tropical Coffee Association.

Local, Australian grown coffee – it is rare, it is sustainably and ethically grown and it is good!

Growing with the growers, Zentveld’s have helped put local coffee on the map, and find that more than ever, the demand for Australian coffee outstrips supply. We need more growers!


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